Where Focus goes, energy flows.
Dr.Wayne Dyer


My name is Stephanie, and I am an Author and Holistic wellbeing Coach. My absolute passion is empowering you to transform your reality and your experience of life to one that is filled with joy, fueled by passion and full of high vibration!


I am able to hold a loving, safe space for you to discover how to recreate balance in your life, uncover any "self-limiting" beliefs that could be holding  you back from reaching your goals, and manifesting the life you desire.


I work through several gentle yet powerful modalities including:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping), Reiki, Guided Meditation and Visualization.

I will hold your hand as you dive deeper to re-discover and re-ignite passion and purpose, and I will gently point you in the direction to find your true life purpose which raises your vibrational experience of life.

Together we will explore anything which could be holding you back from reaching your true potential and living your most passionate life, and together we will slowly move in the direction of your goals and dreams...


Once your desires begin to match your beliefs about what you can achieve, everything else falls in to place effortlessly.


Hi There!

About  Me

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I am passionate about living a life that is based on Gratitude and Joy! This state of being and the resources I came across in order to make this my reality have been part of a long journey.


I have had my own challenges dealing with anxiety and self-limiting beliefs not only as a teen but also as a young mother. When one of my children was diagnosed with a neurological disease my life was turned upside down. Through this journey supporting my son, my family and my own wellbeing, I have gained so much valuable wisdom and knowledge which I feel passionate about sharing with others.

These experiences together with my background in Psychology led to one of my greatest achievements, becoming a children's Author and publishing my first two books, "Thiago's Shell" and "Stella's Song".


I have come to understand in a very unique way how to shift our perspective of our life experiences in a way that can empower us. From a profound experience of how our mind and body are connected, to the powerful realization of the importance of understanding the workings of our subconscious mind, I have built a unique understanding of how we can be in control of our wellbeing in a beautiful and liberating way...

Inspire.    Guide.    Transform.


I've had a few coaching sessions with Stephanie and each session gets better. She is so easy to talk to and calming and really gives me the tools that I need.

I highly recommend Stephanie, she is the best!


I am grateful for the Wellness Coaching that I have received from Stephanie. Not only is she very knowledgeable, she has a lot of empathy which is a valuable quality to have these days. Stephanie has also been doing some "Tapping" Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with me which has been highly effective in shifting the way I think about my professional skills, as I lacked confidence due to being undervalued and mistreated by my previous leaders. She has empowered me and enabled me to be a more assertive leader and has promoted me to have even more faith in my leadership abilities. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for coaching.