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As a QHHT Practitioner it is always so wonderful to receive feedback from clients especially when the experience has not only been positive but also profound.  The beauty of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is that the insights, and healing continue to be received by the client in the days and weeks that follow a session, especially if the recording is listened to again after the session.  

I have added here a few testimonials which describe what the experience was like for them...


"I came to Stephanie's Quantum Healing Hypnosis session feeling upset and tired from the day, which didn't start well at all

I left feeling high and super happy, it was kind of magical! I was so inspired to see Stephanie's passion, kindness, and dedication to what she does.  It was so powerful to dive into my subconscious and really experience healing in so many ways. After a week, I am still processing it. I can only recommend it for you to try, its fantastic and Stephanie is truly amazing! 

I am very grateful that I had the chance to experience this very special healing session with her."


"It was a pleasure to work with Stephanie who is full of empathy, understanding and empowers you to heal.  Her warmth, reassurance and support made the Quantum Healing Hypnosis session magical, by taking me to my subconscious to find the solutions.  I had lots of realizations during and after the session which was an eye opener and a soothing experience"


"I am really grateful that I got to meet and work with Stephanie. From the moment I met her, her warm personality put me at ease. My QHHT session was comfortable and Stephanie explained what would happen so that I was not nervous at all.  It was lovely to get guidance from my higher self in such a calm and peaceful environment.  I highly recommend working with Stephanie."


A Transcendent Hypnotherapy Experience with Stephanie

I am writing this testimonial to share my extraordinary experience with Stephanie, a truly gifted and empathetic human being and hypnotherapist. Our session was not just therapeutic but also utterly transformative, offering me insights into my inner world that were both profound and deeply healing.

Stephanie's approach to hypnotherapy is a rare blend of professionalism and warmth. She has a knack for intuitively understanding the human psyche, connecting on a spiritual level. It seemed as if she could perceive my thoughts and emotions without any explicit articulation on my part. Her uncanny ability to tap into my subconscious mind and unravel the intricate emotions I was experiencing was nothing short of surreal.

Her kindness and empathetic nature made me feel instantly at ease, which I believe is crucial in this sort of therapy. She created a safe space where I felt comfortable exploring my deepest fears and anxieties. Despite the intensity of the process, Stephanie's comforting presence made the journey not just manageable, but truly enlightening.

The hypnotherapy session with Stephanie was an eye-opening experience, revealing aspects of myself I was previously unaware of. It was as if I was seeing myself through a new lens, gaining a clearer understanding of my emotions, motivations, and patterns of thinking.

Stephanie is indeed an absolute gem in her field. Her genuine care, coupled with her exceptional professional skills, makes her stand out. I wholeheartedly recommend her hypnotherapy services to anyone who is open to self-discovery and personal growth. This is not just therapy, but a journey of self-exploration that everyone should consider. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to work with Stephanie and am excited about the personal transformation that has been initiated through this session.


Stephanie possesses a sincere warmth and kindness. After our initial session, I confess, I felt quite exhausted, but that sensation soon faded in the subsequent days. Her comforting presence and genuine concern made it straightforward for me to share, and it's evident why she's someone you'd naturally gravitate towards. Her positivity is contagious.


In the days following our first session, my appreciation for life expanded greatly, particularly the times with my family and the pleasure of raising my child. This feeling acted as a catalyst, fostering an enhanced sense of patience and grounding in me.  My sense of self-worth and contentment within my life has surged.


After our second session, I felt an immense sense of empowerment. My confidence and self-regard have seen a notable improvement, a great deal of which I attribute to the work we are doing. She's been crucial in guiding me through past traumas and shedding light on certain behavioural tendencies. Rather than merely pointing them out, she's provided me with tools to address these challenges directly.


Her sincere concern, together with her consistent positivity, makes her guidance both reassuring and motivating. Most importantly, the reduction in my anxiety levels and the newfound ability to be present, rather than being submerged in concerns, stand as proof of the positive impact her work has had on me.


I'm looking forward to a more tranquil and rewarding phase in my journey.

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