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Stephanie Robert has a degree in psychology from the University of Ottawa, Canada.  She has a passion for learning about and understanding the effect of positive psychology on a child’s mind.


Stephanie has always had an interest in using her knowledge of the subject in order to encourage children to grow to their fullest potential.


Having experienced specific challenges as a mother herself, she has invested time and energy into researching alternative methods to overcome them.  As a result, she has built a unique understanding into a child’s heart and mind connection.


Stephanie lives in Dubai with her husband, two sons, and her extended family.

My Books

Stella's Song

Thiago's Shell


My Books
Advance Praise for Stella's Song

"True belonging doesn't require you to change who you are. It requires you to be who you are." (Brené Brown) In her new book, Stella's Song, we are taken on a journey of this realisation by Stephanie in a way that will appeal and speak to the hearts of our children and also ourselves. The message of self-love and self-acceptance is so crucial to the emotional well being of young people and communicating this with a sense of play and wonder that naturally appeals to a child's growing mind takes a special talent - Stephanie Robert has this in bucketfuls! This is a gorgeous book to have in your home and your heart."


Jo Jewell

Mindful Parenting Teacher

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