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Thiago's Shell Reviews

"I was delighted to receive my copy of Thiago’s Shell and discover this is a story that will help children become aware of limited beliefs which can hold them back from wholehearted living.  How lovely that this little turtle discovered the shiny side of life in a broken shell and how easily children can identify with this story, and honour themselves with the understanding that author, Stephanie Robert brings so clearly.

Thiago’s Shell brings clarity to the issues of self-confidence and self-belief for children in a meaningful and fun way, helping parents to guide their children toward expressive and significant conversations that bring enhanced self-worth.

I love how warm, close and loving relationships are depicted through family and friendships, and how Stephanie shines a light on the richness of supportive, caring and non-judgmental interactions.

How lovely to look forward to more from this author supporting our children’s emotional growth and connections."

Helen Williams
MindfulME Dubai

How Readers Feel...

"My 3 kids, hubbie and I, simply truly, madly deeply love it, & its a one of the top picks for my son every night."

"A beautiful story about an adorable little turtle overcoming his shyness. My 3 boys really enjoyed the story and it’s meaning."

"lovely book to read to your kids very inspiring and love that it tells you to be confident and you shouldn’t be shy love it sooooooo much."

"I LOVE this book I love reading it to my brother. It sends a great message to all the shy people out there HIGHLY RECOMMEND."


"Just read Thiago’s Shell……What a very inspiring book which shows how many feel when they are shy. Great demonstration on how to overcome shyness and gain confidence. A must for all ages. Each page is beautifully illustrated to enhance this uplifting story. Love it."

"I loved reading this book to my children. A lovely message to pass on to our shy children. a very cute and heartwarming book! would recommend it to all."

"The girls really enjoyed this at bedtime! They took turns to read each page as they both wanted to read it. They were happy that things worked out for Thiago in the end and commented that if you look for the good in things, you would eventually stop seeing the bad. Also, sometimes you don’t know you are brave until you have to be brave!"
Maryam and Mischa 

"A beautiful story about a very shy turtle, Thiago, and how he overcomes his shyness. A super book to read with your child to encourage them to be brave and overcome shyness. Beautiful illustrations too! Both my children loved reading it and talk about looking on the ‘shiny side” of life now!"
Anna W.

"A great story with excellent illustrations."
Chris Tetley

"This book was very inspiring and showed how many feel with and overcome their shyness and how to get confidence. Very inspiring. A must for all families. Beautiful illustrations enhance the uplifting story."

What Kids have to say...

"Stephanie Robert the author came to Year 2. She is mindful and is a good story maker. She might read some of her stories to you if you invite her. We learnt about how she made her book called Thiago’s Shell. We hope you will invite her to your school. You can order her books if you like. I was really impressed with how good a story teller she was."
Xavier Blaney 


"THE author Stephanie Robert came to JESS and signed kids books. Stephanie is really good at mindfulness and she uses puppets to bring the story to life. It’s not like you see a real life author everyday so it was really exciting for one to come and visit us. Stephanie’s book was amazing and really exciting. We also learnt how she wrote her book. Her story started to come to life when she read it to her two kids and they loved it so much they wanted illustrations too. Stephanie explained how her brother helped with the pictures."

Madeline Christopher-Torrens


"The author, Stephanie Robert came to JESS Jumairah and visited Year 2. It was amazing and exciting because it was the first time we saw her book. I liked the mindfulness because it was so relaxing. When the mindfulness was finished I felt so calm. It was cool to meet a real life author and her mother. We also learnt how she came up with the idea for her book. She inspired us to write our own stories. I am going to write a story soon."



"Stephanie Robert visited JESS Jumeirah and came to the whole of year 2. She is author Stephanie Robert brought an exciting and awesome book to read to us, when she read it to us it inspired me to write a story. It was very cool to see a real life author because I had never seen a real life author in my whole life. When we put her puppets on, it helped us to explain our brave feelings. I hope she comes back again with a new book."

Archie Nair

"It was a good book for bedtime. It provides a great moral “Always be open”
Luca Fotuhi, 9

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